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  • Michael Verzwyvelt (Monday, July 12 21 10:55 am EDT)

    SFA has some of the most amazingly talented and versatile staff that you could find at any flight school! From ex LAX ATC (27) years! To young enthusiastic CFI’s that have a diverse array of teaching styles that will fit anyone’s style of learning. And of course Garth, the owner, has a great way of reading people and knowing where they are and need to be in their training. And it was always easy to get on the schedule and keep the training going on a regular schedule. Never once did I have to wait for a plane or reschedule a flight! Hey if they taught this ol’ dog a new trick! A trick that has changed my life in many ways. The freedom of flying through the wild blue open sky is more than exhilarating and has opened up a whole new world that I never expected when I started out on my Private Pilot
    Certificate journey. I would encourage anybody thinking of becoming a pilot or continuing on growing their piloting skills or just staying current, to get in touch with Garth and get flying! You won’t be disappointed

  • Joe Ebert (Monday, June 28 21 08:31 am EDT)

    I have known Garth Baker for 27 years. He and I went to the police academy together in 1994. During Garth’s career as a police officer, I knew he was dedicated to the job and he was a great officer. Recently, I had the privilege of learning from Garth about what it takes to be a great pilot. I had been working on my commercial pilot’s license and honestly I had been struggling with the maneuvers and the knowledge part of the oral. I arrived in Twin Falls Idaho on a Tuesday evening, and Garth and Madison (one of his ground instructors) dedicated an unbelievable amount of time to help me over the next couple of days. This turned out to be one of the most intense but unbelievable learning experiences in the Aviation world that I have known. I learned that Garth is one of the best pilots I have ever flown with, and Madison is one of the best pilots and ground instructors I have ever learned from. The end result was that a couple days after arriving, I flew to KMAN where I completed my commercial check-ride. The training and ground instruction that I received from Garth and Madison in those couple of days gave me the confidence and knowledge that I needed to successfully complete my commercial check-ride. I highly recommend Short Final Aviation, Garth, Madison, and all of the instructors working at Short Final Aviation to help you obtain any of the pilot privilege’s you may be working on.

  • Brian (Tuesday, September 24 19 07:40 pm EDT)

    Garth is a fantastic teacher with a love of aviation. His enthusiasm is infectious and he is a great help in keeping you focused on your goals. I had a very short window to get my training done and Garth was very flexible with his schedule to accommodate me even with weather delays! I would highly recommend Short Final Aviation to anyone who wants to learn from a great pilot with a great attitude.

  • Skyler Pierce (Saturday, June 01 19 02:06 pm EDT)

    I received my PPL at Short and Final Aviation. Garth and Ashley are solid instructors, great pilots, well organized and work around your needs. Their passion for education of aviation really shows. Airplanes are always well maintained. This is the perfect location to get familiar with a towered airport not overly busy making learning to fly fun! Thanks for the great experience and now I get to say, “I am a Pilot!”

  • Jace thain (Wednesday, May 29 19 11:11 pm EDT)

    Learning through short final aviation was a great experience, Garth and Ashley have full attention on their students and their success. Short final is well organized, has great aircraft and will offer as much time as needed.

  • Austin (Saturday, May 25 19 10:26 am EDT)

    Garth and Ashley were great to work with, very knowledgeable and easy to understand. I felt very prepared after flying with them and doing a mock oral for my commercial pilot license. I’m excited to keep working with them both as I continue on to my CFI!

  • Scott Martin (Sunday, December 16 18 06:48 pm EST)

    I started my flight lessons with another highly recommended training company in Twin Falls. I continued with my off and on lessons for a little over a year and a half and considered stopping lessons all together. A friend of mine that has been a pilot for a few years suggested that I reach out to Garth Baker at Short Final Aviation. After my first meeting with Garth, I know that I would finish. I felt like Garth had the same goals for me that I had - to be a proficient pilot. I have since received my license and will be continuing my education with Garth to complete my IFR training. My 18 year old son Jase started with Garth this year and is about to do his 2nd solo cross country. I’m thankful that I was introduced to Garth, he has helped me to complete my life long dream of getting my pilots license. There is definitely a difference between getting flying lessons and becoming a pilot! Thank you Garth

  • Austin E. Anderson (Wednesday, September 19 18 10:02 am EDT)

    Garth is a fantastic instructor! He helped me finish up my training for the commercial pilot certificate in my Bonanza and was very fair in price. He was able to help me out in my airplane, listened to what I wanted to accomplish and did a great job getting me ready. I look forward to continuing my training and currency with Short Final. If you are looking for a great instructor that listens to what you want accomplish and is very competent in multiple aircraft I highly recommend giving them a call.

  • Andrew (Wednesday, September 12 18 10:08 am EDT)

    Garth is easy to get along with, and his teaching style is low-pressure. He also has good equipment that he takes good care of. It’s apparent that he loves to teach, and is passionate about aviation!

  • Jon (Friday, April 06 18 01:24 pm EDT)

    Highly recommend using Short Final and Garth. He takes your training very personal. You couldn’t find an easier guy to sit right seat instructing you as you learn. Thanks Garth.

  • Jaret Wiley (Saturday, March 10 18 11:21 am EST)

    Anyone from a beginner pilot all the way up to a veteran pilot, I guarantee garth can teach you something. Just finished my ground school and I am blow away by the amount of knowledge garth has. If you are wanting to get into flying, I highly recommend you look no further than short final aviation. You won't be disappointed.

  • Cameron Schoessler (Tuesday, February 27 18 09:52 pm EST)

    Short Final Avaition is a great place for anyone to start flying. Garth works very hard and he uses time very effectively. I just recently received my pilots license with the help of Garth! If avaition has been a dream, look no farther than Short Final.

  • Alan Hansten (Monday, February 19 18 07:50 pm EST)

    I completed my flight review with Garth a couple of days ago. He's very thorough, knowledgeable, and a great instructor. I would definitely recommend him for your flight instruction needs.

  • Keith Sivertson (Wednesday, January 17 18 03:00 pm EST)

    Recently completed BFR with Garth.
    Easy to schedule. Very complete ground and air review. Fairly priced.
    Will definitely train with him again

  • Scott Martin (Wednesday, January 17 18 10:35 am EST)

    I have just over 30 hours and have wanted to get prepared for my solo cross-country. I struggled getting on the schedule with my previous trainer, so I recently switched to Garth after some advise from a Pilot that I am friends with. In my first flight with Garth he took me through maneuvers that I hadn’t experienced yet and has set a schedule and timeline for my copletion. I’m excited to get on track and finish my license - Thanks Garth!

  • Dusty Votroubek (Sunday, December 31 17 09:21 pm EST)

    Thanks Garth for the great ground school. What I gained from this experience goes above and beyond the material conveyed throughout the course. Garth is very passionate, easy to understand, always available, extremely knowledgeable about aviation, ensures a deep understanding, and would never give up on any of his students. Because of his exceptional instruction I was able to pass the written exam the first time. Thanks again Garth!

  • Jim Scarrow (Friday, December 01 17 11:09 pm EST)

    Thanks Garth for your passion for flying and the ability to rub it off on your students and those around you. It was evident in the very first class that this was going to be fun and you were there to help us with being the very best we could be. Thanks again for an awesome ground school. If you want someone who cares and is willing to spend the time with you needed, Garth is your man!!!!!

  • Todd Thomas (Friday, October 20 17 01:02 pm EDT)

    Garth is a great teacher, doesn't waste time and gets you through the learning material very efficiently. I would definitely recommend him.

  • Landunn Koyle (Friday, October 20 17 12:37 pm EDT)

    Garth really knows his stuff and is more than willing to help anyone out! definitely worth every penny?

  • Richard Bupp (Thursday, August 17 17 08:04 pm EDT)

    Just finished ground school with Garth and passed my exam without any problems. Great instruction in an atmosphere conducive to helpful discussion. Thanks Garth!!

  • Garrett Nash (Sunday, February 19 17 12:03 pm EST)

    I want to thank Garth for everything. He was always willing to reach out and help me whenever I needed it. He has a great passion for flying and he knows what he is talking about. Thanks again Garth!

  • Josh Stevenson (Monday, January 16 17 03:32 am EST)

    Garth is awesome, anyone thinking about getting started in aviation this is the place to be. Garth has real passion for what he does both in the class room and in the air. Five stars from this guy thanks again Garth we nailed it.

  • Cole Seamons (Thursday, October 20 16 11:08 am EDT)

    I'd like to start by saying thank you Garth. One of the bigger issues I found in becoming a pilot is finding somebody with time and patience because everyone has different learning curves but Garth
    is the kind of person that can read people and can figure out different methods and being able to teach and have you fully understand every part of the question. there are instructors and ground
    school teachers that are good but the one thing Garth has is the passion for helping somebody achieve their goal. So without a doubt Garth is your man if you want to get things done!

  • Jordan Staley (Friday, July 08 16 07:53 pm EDT)

    Garth is a great pilot and a great teacher. I was able to pass the written exam with ease in just two months thanks to Garth. Would recommend to anyone who wants to learn how to fly.

  • Brad Gough (Monday, June 27 16 11:47 am EDT)

    Very professional.He explains in real language and not institutional language.
    I highly recommend Garth for your ground school course!!!!!!!

  • Eric Staley (Friday, June 24 16 12:22 pm EDT)

    Thanks Garth could not have done it without you. Passing the test was easier with the great instruction that I had. There was a lot of information that we put in my head over a short period of time,
    and amazingly it stayed. Thanks again

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